About the Company

PNI Business Solutions is an intelligent outsourcing solutions provider based in the Philippines catering to both local and international clients. We specialize in managing offshore operations, staffing, augmentation services and other outsourcing and offshoring services.

Its history can be traced being the pioneer of staffing market in the Philippines. In 1999, PNI International was launched to serve to the global search, placement and staffing market and was able to establish satellite offices in the US and the UK to maximize opportunities in those areas.

As the demands and trends continue to change in the global market, PNI Business Solutions was established to cater to clients that need the assistance most especially in the field of human resources, technology and business process.


PNI knows the need to save overhead costs and improve overall bottom line. We closely collaborate with your company and understand your requirements in order to successfully implement core business competencies. We are all about personalized services.


Our intelligent outsourcing firm is backed by a passionate, professional team and over 15 years of experience in finding suitable, individual and teams for your workplace based on a comprehensive assessment of your companys requirements. Quite simply, we deliver the right HR, IT, and Back Office outsourcing solutions for you.

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