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Our company has the expertise and recognition of changing trends in the IT outsourcing and IT staffing market that allows us to fulfill requirements for your business (eg staff augmentation and offshore staff leasing). We are at the forefront of providing key solutions to your business which can help guarantee your success. From talent acquisition to actual operations support and managed services: our company, PNI Business Solutions is your Ideal partner for Intelligent Outsourcing!

  • WE HELP start up companies put together their team, from the General Manager to an office administrative staff. Our company becomes your Human Resources (HR) partner and executes a seamless recruitment strategy, planning and HR management.
  • WE PROVIDE Outsourced and Back Office support services for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) seeking to concentrate more on their core business.
  • WE GET THE JOB DONE quickly and efficiently allowing you to concentrate on your core competency while reducing your business' staffing-related costs.
  • WE CONNECT YOU WITH CURRENT TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGY by having you work with our team of specialists on different fields: Internet, wireless applications and devices, wireline, Web 2.0, security, software companies, BPOs, and so much more.
  • WE CROSS BORDERS to make collaborative searches for many companies worldwide. We are at the forefront of executive search for global technology and business process outsourcing companies, opening more opportunities TO and FOR your business.

All these solidly put PNI Business Solutions, Inc. ahead of competition in the Philippines IT professionals hiring/staffing, business consulting and support services market. PNI Business Solutions is your ideal partner as you achieve only the best for.

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